Source code for past.builtins.misc

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import inspect

from future.utils import PY2, PY3, exec_

if PY2:
    from collections import Mapping
    from import Mapping

if PY3:
    import builtins
    from import Mapping

    def apply(f, *args, **kw):
        return f(*args, **kw)

    from past.builtins import str as oldstr

[docs] def chr(i): """ Return a byte-string of one character with ordinal i; 0 <= i <= 256 """ return oldstr(bytes((i,)))
[docs] def cmp(x, y): """ cmp(x, y) -> integer Return negative if x<y, zero if x==y, positive if x>y. """ return (x > y) - (x < y)
from sys import intern def oct(number): """oct(number) -> string Return the octal representation of an integer """ return '0' + builtins.oct(number)[2:] raw_input = input from imp import reload unicode = str unichr = chr xrange = range else: import __builtin__ from collections import Mapping apply = __builtin__.apply chr = __builtin__.chr cmp = __builtin__.cmp execfile = __builtin__.execfile intern = __builtin__.intern oct = __builtin__.oct raw_input = __builtin__.raw_input reload = __builtin__.reload unicode = __builtin__.unicode unichr = __builtin__.unichr xrange = __builtin__.xrange if PY3:
[docs] def execfile(filename, myglobals=None, mylocals=None): """ Read and execute a Python script from a file in the given namespaces. The globals and locals are dictionaries, defaulting to the current globals and locals. If only globals is given, locals defaults to it. """ if myglobals is None: # There seems to be no alternative to frame hacking here. caller_frame = inspect.stack()[1] myglobals = caller_frame[0].f_globals mylocals = caller_frame[0].f_locals elif mylocals is None: # Only if myglobals is given do we set mylocals to it. mylocals = myglobals if not isinstance(myglobals, Mapping): raise TypeError('globals must be a mapping') if not isinstance(mylocals, Mapping): raise TypeError('locals must be a mapping') with open(filename, "rb") as fin: source = code = compile(source, filename, "exec") exec_(code, myglobals, mylocals)
if PY3: __all__ = ['apply', 'chr', 'cmp', 'execfile', 'intern', 'raw_input', 'reload', 'unichr', 'unicode', 'xrange'] else: __all__ = []